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These amazing women are leaders in their respective fields and were selected to be a part of our important endeavour because they genuinely believe in our vision; women empowering women. We work together to ensure that our offerings meet the needs of our collective.

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Supernatural Coaching | Human Design

I'm Samantha Selby, the CEO and founder of Supernatural Coaching Pty Ltd, a leading innovative professional coaching practice with a strong focus on personal development through higher levels of consciousness. As a certified Level 4 Quantum Human Design™ Practitioner, I harness this well-researched technology to empower my clients, helping them recognise and overcome dysfunctional behaviours and thought patterns that hold them back from leading authentic and meaningful lives, often causing disruptions in their relationships.


Keokai | Retail, Clothing

Becoming a mum for the second time in 2014 I felt lost and disconnected from myself and women in “Creating the Keokai Tribe has meant for me the rediscovery of connection.”  Connection to women from all over Australia and the world who are now wearing my creations.  I get to work with them at festivals and markets and connect with them as customers. Women who inspire me with their stories and authenticity and strength.  They have become mentors’, best friends and most of all my biggest and most generous teachers.  I love to see you walk away lighter and radiant, in something that reminds you how beautiful you are.  It’s my gift to you because I love you and want you to thrive and know the path forward is women supporting women I believe in “BEING THE CHANGE, I WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD” #womensupportingwomen

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Luxe Wellness Founder | Mastery Health and Transformational Coach

I am a passionate practitioner dedicated to mind and body health. My focus is to help men, women, and young adults shift limiting beliefs and internal restrictions that impact living an empowered and fulfilled life. The programs and services I facilitate use a unique combination of holistic therapies personalising each session for the individual and their specific needs. Having worked with leading doctors, functional health practitioners, and key industry experts, in addition to my own personal growth journey & and studies, the transformative experience and support you will receive during a session or on retreat is one of extreme focus and attention to detail. Trust the timing of your journey and the process of change!


Herbal Well | Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Iridology, and Naturopathy 

I'm a womens hormone naturopath with expertise in the management of natural fertility, premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome and perimenopause. I work with women from puberty to menopause, offering evidence-based naturopathic support.  It's my mission to be your trusted hormonal health guide here to help you understand and overcome your hormonal symptoms.

Many women think they just have to live with an hormonal imbalance, such as debilitating period pain, recurrent miscarriages, heavy bleeds, low thyroid function and fatigue or infertility, but the right blend of nutrients and herbs can relieve symptoms and help you regain your balance naturally.

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