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Kelly Jervis

Kelly Jervis


Newport NSW 2106, Australia


Becoming a mum for the second time in 2014 I felt lost and disconnected from myself and women in

“Creating the Keokai Tribe has meant for me the rediscovery of connection.” Connection to women from all over Australia and the world who are now wearing my creations. I get to work with them at festivals and markets and connect with them as customers. Women who inspire me with their stories, authenticity, and strength. They have become mentors’, best friends, and most of all my biggest and most generous teachers. I love to see you walk away lighter and radiant, in something that reminds you how beautiful you are. It’s my gift to you because I love you and want you to thrive and know the path forward is women supporting women I believe in “BEING THE CHANGE, I WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD” #WOMENSUPPORTINGWOMEN

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Retail, Clothing

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  • Set Designer and interior Design and Architecture Institute of Technology Enmore

  • Self-taught mixed media artist

  • Self-taught fashion designer

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Do you know who made your clothes?

If there's a large theme residing throughout the fashion industry today, it’s the question of sustainability and traceability. This is where Keokai makes the change. It’s no secret that manufacturing in Australia and competing with fast fashion brands is a challenge. It hasn’t been easy from the start, but it’s a challenge we’ve welcomed, in the name of creating a better, and more sustainable product. At Keokai, our lifestyle wear is proudly manufactured in Sydney Australia, under the roof of female only, local factory. We strive to change the game in fashion and Australian design. We shouldn’t just be asking what our clothes are made of, but who made them and how those people are treated. Keokai has made a commitment to creating quality garments that support and empower local women and local manufacturing. We believe that by investing in Australian manufacturing we can create jobs, support local female communities and reduce our environmental impact. Our factory, processes and products are local, open, and transparent… all proudly located in Sydney, Australia. social interventions.

Did you know that Keokai uses ethical clothing and textiles?

We’re proudly using Ethical Clothing Australia Certified fabrics. We are committed to the environment and have always applied best practices for a more sustainable textile industry. It’s our vision that ethical textiles become a significant part of everyday life, not only enhancing people’s lives, but the environment we live in.

Did you know that Keokai is a sustainable clothing brand?

We recycle all our discarded production papers along with our office papers. Since we print to order there are no excess papers or fabrics left over. We are always searching for & introducing new recycled fabrics. We package all our garments using off cuts from our garments. We use nothing plastic. Our incredibly vibrantly coloured inks are water based, which is a big plus for the environment as there is no washing or special water pits drains required after printing. Our printers don’t use any harsh chemicals or any chemicals whatsoever that are detrimental to the environment in any part of our processes! Our printers do not pour any discarded inks down any drains whatsoever, even though they are water based we dispose of our leftover inks accordingly. Minimal fabric is discarded, and all our samples are cut from any fabric leftovers we have.

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