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Samantha Selby
Supernatural Coaching

Samantha Selby

Supernatural Coaching

412 Pittwater Road, North Manly, NSW


I'm Samantha Selby, CEO and founder of Supernatural Coaching Pty Ltd and My Supernatural Design. We specialise in creating transformative Human Design reading books for wellness focused individuals and parents. As a Level 4 Certified Quantum Human Design™ Specialist and Family Wellbeing Coach, I am deeply committed to empowering parents and families to foster healthy dynamics at home. I guide them to understand their own unique blueprints and those of their children in an easily accessible and affordable manner, helping them to uncover the true magnificence that lies beneath limiting beliefs and unhelpful conditioning. My aim is to bring balance and deeper connections into every home, positioning the powerful modality of Human Design as an accessible and life-transforming tool for all.

At the heart of my work is the belief that everyone, especially children, can thrive in an environment where their unique selves are understood and valued.

My passion extends to advocating for healthy relationships, self-awareness, and overall wellbeing. Through a variety of family empowerment coaching services, products, programs, and workshops, I enable clients to become masters of their own lives. Utilising Human Design, I help individuals affirm their innate wisdom, shedding outdated narratives and conditioning, and embracing a new story that aligns with their authentic selves. This transformative journey not only empowers the individual but also enriches their relationships, families, and communities.

My qualifications in this field extend to Community Services, focusing on Domestic Abuse and Violence Response and Child Protection. I've collaborated with the Domestic Violence & Family Support unit at a local Community Centre, helping many reclaim their lives through education and increased awareness about domestic abuse and coercive control.

While we provide invaluable resources for parents to forge deeper connections with their children, our offerings extend beyond parenting. We invite everyone—individuals, couples, and families—to explore Human Design as a user-friendly, affordable gateway to self-understanding and improved dynamics with all the significant people in their lives. We are confident that when you discover your unique Human Design blueprint, you will experience the profound impact it can have on your world.

Contact Information

0450 875 419

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Human Design, Herbal Medicine, Family Wellbeing, Naturopathy

Membership of professional associations
  • Life Coaching institute Australia

  • Quantum Human Design™

Education and training
  • Quantum Human Design

  • Cert VI Community Services

  • Cert VI Lifecycle Coaching

  • Family Wellbeing Coaching

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What will my Human Design tell me?

This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated material, spanning over 130+ pages, is akin to receiving a professional level 1, 2, and 3 reading, all neatly condensed into a personalised book. This chart interpretation comes accompanied with a colored Body Graph. Within this book, you will find explanations for various aspects of your Human Design, detailing your individual characteristics and the themes that shape each area. Moreover, it offers valuable insights based on the mechanics of your chart, revealing how you are inherently designed to function. This inclusive report delves deep into key components, including Energy Type, Strategy, Authority, Centres, Lines, and Profile. If you’re new to the realm of Human Design, accessing your personalised Reading serves as an excellent starting point. It equips you with the essential vocabulary necessary to comprehend the intricacies of your chart, providing foundational knowledge for your further exploration and growth.

What If I don't Know My Exact Birth Time?

If you’re uncertain about having the exact birth time, there are a few avenues you can explore. Reach out to the hospital where you were born or get in touch with the department of vital statistics in the city or state of your birth. Ideally, when you create your chart you should have a birth time within a -/+ 2 hour window to ensure accuracy, although it’s advisable to aim for as precise a time as possible. A narrower time frame contributes to a more precise astrological reading, as wider time windows can encompass significant planetary shifts. If you’re unsure, you might inquire with your parents or other family members about whether your birth occurred in the morning or evening. In cases where the birth time remains elusive, consider consulting an experienced Vedic Astrologer who could potentially offer insights.

What are the main benefits of knowing your Human Design?

Prepare for an exhilarating journey of self-discovery, as you’re about to unveil a brand-new realm of understanding. Imagine delving into the depths of your being on a quantum level – how exciting is that? The world is rapidly changing, wellness and self-development are the biggest and hottest industries right now. Self-knowledge is absolute KEY to any healing or transformational work. If you are not getting onboard this discovery train you may get left behind. Gone are the days we let life happen to us. There is little to no trust left in the leaders and authority we once trusted. It’s time to learn about who we really are and WHY we are here so we can step up and take back control of our own authority and be sovereign. When we know who we are – we trust ourselves, we make better life decisions, and we show up for ourselves, our children, our communities and the collective.

Is Human Design For Children?

Absolutely, Human Design is applicable to all of us, without exception! Every individual possesses a unique design, children included. Applying this system’s insights to parenting and caring for children can revolutionise the way we approach it. Samantha is thrilled to introduce this dimension of her work, unveiling a child book tailored for parents. These books are now available for purchase. You can now access a profound parenting resource. Understanding the designs of your entire family introduces a fresh perspective of comprehension, reverence, and mutual respect, fostering a sense of harmony and equilibrium within your household. Undoubtedly, it’s a transformational shift, and this area stands as Samantha’s personal favorite within her scope of work.

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