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Catheryn Wright
Beaches Healing

Catheryn Wright

Beaches Healing

Mona Vale NSW, Australia


Hi! I am Catheryn Wright

For many years I had questioned how I can be of service to others with all my life’s lessons from internal conflict that was at the extreme, toxic relationships, and no one who understood me my businesses were failing, and I just did not feel good about me!

This set me on a path of discovery, and I gained a phenomenal awareness of myself and my business ventures, I observed a large gap in the worlds between Spirituality and Business which guided me on a journey to become a Holistic Business Mentor, Business Sales Consultant, Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner, ZenMatrix Practitioner and Reiki Master.

Combining all of my qualifications and experience, allows me to introduce powerful, dynamic modalities to support their business and their life.

Contact Information

0432 371 067

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Holistic Business Mentoring, Reiki, Access Bars, ZenMatrix Healing

Membership of professional associations
  • AIBB

  • Access Conscious

Education and training
  • Dip in Business studies,




  • Reiki Master

  • Access conscious Bars Practitioner

  • Zen Matrix practitioner

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Holistic Business Mentoring

A holistic business mentor is about assisting clients to be in the question of your business. This is a way to gain clarity and space to create your business and your true self that is naturally intertwined energetically. Your business is an extension of who you are. And that’s why you benefit from mentoring that supports you in every aspect holistically. This is not your “traditional” business coaching. It is about your soul purpose and your natural gifts that will uncover the true essence of whom you and your business truly be. You will be assisted with your deeper blockages and address the bigger, underlying issues at play that affect how you show up — in business AND in life. Let’s start showing up as yourself in all areas and creating what’s meant for your business you desire. This approach is not just about your mindset or strategy it’s about feeling into all aspects of whom you are — Mind, Soul and Body

What is Access Bars®?

Access Bars are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that stop you from creating a life you love. Access Bars are used as a potent and pragmatic tool by families, wellness practitioners, schools, businesses, mental health professionals, athletes, prisons, veterans, artists, and many more. Access Consciousness shines a light on those areas in life where most people have swept the good, the bad, and the ugly under a carpet or shoved them in a corner for no one to see, including them. Access empowers you to instead know that you know. The tools in Access are designed to be practical, efficient, and effective. The more you use the tools combined with your awareness, the more ease with change and the more change you can create in all areas of your life. Learn more about how Access works here.

How Does Access Work?

Access empowers you to know that you know. What does that mean, exactly?  It's not about learning from a book or knowledge as it relates to thinking; it's a knowing that comes from something other than your mind. Access calls it Knowing. Knowing is easy and effortless. The tools in Access are designed to be practical, efficient, and effective. The more you use the tools combined with your awareness, the more ease with change and the more change you can create in all areas of your life. It does so through giving you practical, simple tools to change what hasn't been working (finances, relationships, work, business, parenting, etc.) into something that does. It also assists your body to let go of the residue and stress that's been created in your body through trillions of years of being unaware and trying to get life right. When your body can let go and when you let go of functioning from thinking or feeling, you become free to BE who you really are, not who you've been pretending to be or not to be. You start to have ease with all aspects of living, and change becomes easier and a way of being. You start to change from being at the effect of circumstances to creating and generating a life that works for you, not against you. Then life becomes, what would I like to choose? What would I like to create? What else is possible that I've never considered?

Will I feel different after class?

Most people walk out of an Access class knowing that they are forever changed. A doorway to a new level of choice and possibilities has been opened and they are eager to create a life that works for them with this newfound sense of freedom. The level of change and difference however is up to you. How much are you willing to change?

What are benefits of Reiki Healing?

Aligns, clears and balances chakra centres (we focus on the seven major energy centres), alleviates associated pain, promotes relaxation and balance, releases energy blockages, lower vibrating energy (also called negative energy), plus toxins or impurities, relieves stress and supports and activates your body's natural ability to heal itself.

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