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Samantha Selby

Samantha Selby

Supernatural Coaching Pty Ltd

Supernatural Coaching Pty Ltd

North Manly NSW, Australia


I'm Samantha Selby, the CEO and founder of Supernatural Coaching Pty Ltd, a leading innovative professional coaching practice with a strong focus on personal development through higher levels of consciousness. As a certified Level 4 Quantum Human Design™ Practitioner, I harness this well-researched technology to empower my clients, helping them recognise and overcome dysfunctional behaviours and thought patterns that hold them back from leading authentic and meaningful lives, often causing disruptions in their relationships.

At the core of Supernatural Coaching's mission is my commitment to supporting and empowering families, including children grappling with family dynamics. My true passion lies in advocating for Healthy Relationships, Self Awareness, and Wellbeing through a range of family empowerment coaching services, products, programmes, and workshops.

I specialise in guiding clients to become the experts in their own lives, utilising Human Design as a valuable tool to affirm what they already intuitively know about themselves. This approach grants them permission to shed old narratives and conditioning that no longer serve them, enabling the creation of a fresh, empowering story aligned with their true selves. The ripple effect is transformative, fostering a sense of empowerment that extends into their relationships, families, and communities. I'm proud to work with clients around the world online while being based in Sydney, NSW.

In addition to my coaching credentials, I hold certifications in Community Services, with a focus on Domestic Abuse and Violence Response and Child Protection. My collaboration with the Domestic Violence & Family Support unit at a local Community Centre has empowered numerous clients to reclaim their lives through increased awareness and education about domestic abuse and coercive control.

My personal journey is marked by a deep commitment to holistic healing, energy modalities, and metaphysical studies. I'm also a trained facilitator of a class II medical frequency device designed to analyse and support the bioenergetic field. My diverse background in Project Management and Business Analysis has provided a solid foundation for launching both local and international business ventures, as well as nonprofit start-up projects. I recently founded and registered a charity in Australia, "The House of Wellbeing." I thrive on networking and collaborating with like-minded individuals within my local and global communities, known for my ability to introduce groundbreaking ideas and digital automated systems that contribute to brand growth and the success of other businesses.

Contact Information

0450 875 419


Membership of professional associations

Life Coaching institute Australia

Education and training

Quantum Human Design

Level 4 trained specialist 

Cert VI Community Services

Cert VI Lifecycle Coaching

Family Wellbeing Coaching

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